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Pavirini Jobsite Walkthrough

Pavarini provided an opportunity for students to tour their construction site in Stamford, CT. The tour started in the field office to review full size sets of drawings and give the students a debrief on floors that were toured. The group then traveled to Level 2 to go over kitchen equipment, units, hoods, housekeeping pads for dishwasher, walk in freezer, and BOH kitchen. On the Level 1 Plaza the group reviewed mock-ups and what they are used for. They then went to Level 4, which is the most finished floor, and went over finishes in place.

It was noted that there is a strong attention to sound on this job, acoustical consultant review extra precautions taken place throughout job for sound.

On Level 2 of the building they reviewed the importance of field tracking via drawings. The students were then able to participate in an activity that taught them the tracking for level 12. One team highlighted % complete of taping for level 12 and one team highlighted % complete ductwork.

On Level 14 the group reviewed the construction plan and did a walk through of the meeting rooms and CEO office.

They even got a NYC view from the CEO Terraces!


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