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Future Builder’s City

Join in on the fun as our Future Builders design and create a large scale 3D installation of a model city completely fabricated out of recycled materials. Professional Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Contractors will be on hand to assist and champion students and families to think outside the box to create our 2023 Future Builder's City! Each participant will receive a city block location and access to all materials to begin building.

Paint the House

Calling all artists! Get creative with our large art mural installation, fun mediums to choose from and inspire you to apply your designs to our movable art walls.

Shine Bright

Learn how to wire a city with LED lights and electrical engineering concepts

Mill River Site Tour

Join one of the Mill River site tours, and learn about the history of the park, landscaping, restoration, conservation and sustainable design and practices of the park.


Wind Power

Come experience our large student installation. Each pinwheel was made by a Stamford Student to demonstrate the importance of sustainable wind power!

Environmental Graphics Workshop

Create your own digital graphics with our talented graphic designers.


Let's Paint

Get creative with cityscapes and canvas.


Brain Breaks!

Relax and take 5, join us for some kids yoga as we learn and take shapes of structural forms and geometric shapes. 

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Demo Time!

Ready to start a new project, well then test your skills on our demo foam brick walls.

3D Printing Workshop

Bring your creations to life!

Fun tutorials for students of all ages.


Sketch Up Workshop

Try a Sketch Up session and learn to create digital masterpieces.

Structures Workshop
Build self supporting structures and learn about structural design concepts and what it takes to make buildings stand.

Landmark Architecture Workshop
Build your own historic landmark in our Landmark series workshop.

Design Your Own Room 

Learn to drawn and model a space of your very own.


Outdoor Sketching 

Relax with nature and take a moment to sketch the natural landscapes around you.


Keynote Speakers

Join our inspirational keynote speakers as they share their experiences with architecture and design. 

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