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The Barn Workshops

From 2020-2021 Architecture Workshops hosted a workshop that concentrated on the restoration, renovation, and reconstruction of the historical barn located on the site. Designed to accommodate the new student makerspace, and a community meeting location, the Barn Workshop offered a yearlong program following the current construction schedule. This opportunity offered hands-on experience, where students participated in the renovation and gained understanding of how architecture, design, and construction trades collaborate. By participating in onsite tours, students observed construction progress and sequencing in real-time. The Barn Workshop also included interviews where students could interact virtually with designers, architects, and construction managers who have a role in the revitalizing this unique and cherished structure.


All students were equipped with site safety gear, while also adhering best practice COVID-19 safety protocols.


September 2 Progress


August 27 Progress


August 21 Progress


August 21 Progress

Construction Schedule

View in-depth construction schedule



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