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Workshop Programming

Moore Dominique_08-2017_Direct_Color_HR_
Dominique Moore


Executive Director

Hidalgo Alex_12-2017_Direct_Color_HR_mr.
Alex Hidalgo


Construction Director

Sammy Moore


proifle pic.jpg
Rebecca Spangler

Art Director

Untitled design_edited.jpg
Angie Hunt

Director of Education & Programming

Andrew Ostrander

Director at Large

Jaynab Rose

Director at Large

Jamel Kemp

Director of Logistics

Hidalgo Alex_12-2017_Direct_Color_HR_mr.
Erin Hawkins

Assistant Director of

Summer Camp

Shai Reimers

Communications Director

Discrimination Policy:

My Architecture Workshops Inc and its staff publicly oppose all forms of racism and discrimination in our organization.

We believe that every individual deserves respect, equality, and inclusion. regardless of their race, ethnicity, or background. We strive for a world that embraces diversity and fosters understanding and empathy among all individuals.

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